"We have had many lectures, cocktail evenings, speakers while viewing the posters.  They were a terrific subject for detailed discussions on faith, meaning of words, life, wisdom on all fronts."
"I would like to use these posters to work with parents on figuring out what they value and how to turn these ideas into action.  We will explore incorporating these values and ideas into their parenting and into their homes."
"The Master Series is an excellent trigger for our interfaith dialogue program."
"Thank you for providing me with the Masters Series. I hope to use it as a way to facilitate discussions with my students at Hillel at The City College of New York."
"We have shared the Masters Series posters with our PJ congregation partners. Some are also hanging in the Jewish Family Service Food Pantry/Activity Center. They're awesome."
"Looking forward to displaying Voices and Visions materials with our K-12 students."
"I am so excited to have learned about this resource at our JCCA Professional Conference.  I can't wait to bring this program to our camp and beyond."
"We are in dire need of freshening up our office decor and would proudly display them."





"Thank you for this unique opportunity once again. We look forward to using the posters in our travels, professional development and as inspiration."
"Queens College Hillel loves the Masters Series and can't wait to share the Proudly Jewish series with our students! We use them at various times during the year as a way to connect to Jewish ideas."
"I'm interested in using these posters as thank-you gifts to our generous donors who have supported PJ Library in Atlanta through their time and resources."
"Two years ago, the first posters were used for our Tikkun Leil Shavuot program. It was a beautiful and meaningful evening. We are delighted to receive the new set and have wonderful plans for its use."
"I am so excited about the release of the Proudly Jewish set. These are powerful quotes by influential people that can spark really meaningful conversations."
"Thank you for the beautiful posters!  For one bulletin board we have the Proudly Jewish poster about giving and doing and we have pictures of our faculty and staff volunteering at an inner city free lunch program."
"We have exhibited the Masters Series, and Proudly Jewish will be our next exhibit.  The location is seen by anyone entering our sanctuary."
"These posters are so valuable. They will be put to good use in our school and congregation, particularly for some parent and family programming we are planning for next year."