The Stories Behind the Series





The quotes for Frames of Mind were drawn from Judaism’s cultural, national, and religious heroes, and touch on such themes as imagination, curiosity, rootedness, and the power of a good book.  The posters aim to engage the full range of contemporary Jewry, with a particular hope that young adults will experience the posters and be inspired by them in their Jewish life choices.


This series showcases younger artists.  Under the creative direction of Jean Claude Suares in the U.S. and Yoram Rubinger in Israel, each quote was given visual interpretation by either an American or an Israeli artist.  From the submissions six were selected for distribution to Jewish organizations in Spring 2017 and another six in Fall 2018.  The printed Frames of Mind posters appear in the Gallery, while samples of unprinted submissions appear in Bonus Posters.


While producing Frames of Mind, Jean Claude Suares, a gifted and charismatic illustrator and designer, met an untimely death.  We dedicate the series to his memory.  May his memory be for a blessing.


We invite you to browse and examine these posters, and let them reframe your mind.






The Voices & Visions concept was inspired by the Container Corporation of America’s Great Ideas series. Launched as an ad campaign in the 1950s, the Container Corporation paired quotes and graphic design, and published the images once a month.  Quickly, the campaign moved away from advertising and started to become an art phenomenon.


See more examples of the CCA posters.


A collector and appreciator of Great Ideas, Harold Grinspoon, the founder of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, decided to use this model as the inspiration for a new and dynamic vision to engage the Jewish people in conversations regarding their own identity.  


And so the Voices & Visions Masters Series was born.






Finding the best Jewish quotes to exemplify the values and ideas that Judaism teaches has been a labor of love.  We are indebted to the scholars, teachers, students, parents, and professionals who have put in countless hours developing this special poster series within the Harold Grinspoon Foundation's Voices & Visions program.  


Harold and I have learned over the years that Judaism’s wisdom tradition has much to teach us with regard to building relationships and living a life filled with purpose.  The Proudly Jewish posters hopefully reinforce that premise.


These words are the gifts the Jews have proudly given the world.  What better way to encourage you to wrestle and become more familiar with the sacred texts?  They are yours for the taking-- ready-made tools for Jewish engagement!   


We are deeply aware that the Jewish future rests in your grateful hearts, inquisitive minds, and in your search for sacred moments to celebrate.  How wonderful it feels to share with you 3500 years of Jewish values, knowing you will pass them on to your children, who will pass them along to their children and untold generations of children to come.


How blessed we feel that you allow us to take this journey together.  Thank you!



MADELINE CALABRESE, Director, Voices & Visions

ARNOLD SCHWARTZMAN, Creative Director, Masters Series and Proudly Jewish